The real estate Torcino in that Venafro, was bought by Charles III ... It penetrates the seal for a magnificent bridge, called Royal Bridge, built by King cennato ... The forest is full of wild boars of the most beautiful species of caprii, hares, foxes, wolves and many birds ... the caprio of Torcino is the most beautiful race and the meat is exquisite ... I Torcino boars are perhaps the most beautiful race in Italy. Gray fur, large fangs, fierce instinct ... The wolf is very common in Torcino, especially in winter. He hides in the strongest preference Selvone.

.... At night, however, does not abstain to go screaming right under the windows of the guards at the casino Torcino .... In one of the nights when SAR Prince Umberto was in Torcino to the chase, all were invited intended by this music bothers me. Were three wolves that were too close to the village. They paid the penalty of their arrogance, because they were killed in the bars of the next day .... The forest is so thick and wild Torcino that the bandwidth of the famous brigand Fire there was room for many years without being able to be surprised.
Many hunts were made there in recent times by different sovereigns, from Charles III, Ferdinand IV, by Joachim Murat, by Francis I, Ferdinand II. Even our brave King Vittorio Emanuele in the 7th of November 1860, after the Battle of Garigliano, honored his presence in the woods, where he enjoyed hunting for several hours. Fattamente remained so impressed by this reserve, which showed a desire to have it. HRH Prince Umberto I was several times in 1870 and 1871. "
So began a long description of the estate Torcino in 1871 and this is shown in full, because, even today, it is a stroke of rare skill description.
Beyond this description of the estate is full of historical references as the Watchtower S. Lucia, the wall Bourbon placed on the top of the mountain, the source also built in the Bourbon period.
dipinto1dipinto2Finally the wonderful paintings by the master Jacob Phillip Hackert that depicted several times, and of which we give the photos on this page. The first in this high, "Hunting the wild boar Venafro" of 1786, which is the palace of Caserta, shows the real bridge by which we arrive at Torcino and the hunters shot at the prey trapped by the networks, while the second you can see above, and presumably it was painted in the same year, shows the Volturno River seen from the heights of the Estate. You can click on the pictures to get a larger picture.

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