The estate Torcino, is at the center of a natural amphitheater formed by the surrounding hills, on the edge of the Park of Matese and Oasis "The Mortine" Torcino is an oasis of peace where nature still has the upper hand on the man.

The beauty of Torcino is then enhanced by the spring of water that comes in the middle of quest'anfiteatro and gives rise to the placid stream that flows by creating a magical atmosphere.
The colors, the silence and the reflections of the water give the feeling of being in a magical place that words can hardly describe in its fullness.
The company is rich in large stretches of water on the surface where they live many species of animals such as ducks, geese and swans swimming undisturbed offer unique and exciting events in water instead proliferate in their natural habitat many species of fish native of pike , macrostigma trout, carp, and many other species.
Torcino is a unique place where there are still many encounters with wild animals, wild boars hawks, from trout macrostigma the wild cat, but not rare, unique events that give the right size of the magic of the place.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


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