The estate is traversed throughout its length by a beautiful stream that originates from a source located in the heart of the company at the foot of the mountains. In the creek, which have never been deliberately made human intervention, has developed a unique ecosystem and that is why visiting him from the shore or by boat rowing is possible to observe wild animals in their natural environment, walk immersed in nature losing track of time;

Nature trails and botanical
Walking in the mountains where, retracing ancient embankments built by the Bourbons for hunting, it is also possible to walk to reach the summit which is still standing, outlining the entire estate, the stone wall of the 16th century, then in autumn can look for mushrooms while in the spring, accompanied by an expert with his faithful dogs, you can discover the secrets to find truffles;
There are many lakes in which they stop many species of ducks and migratory, in an environment of high quality, rich in natural essences native, having the characteristics of "wetland", whose grandeur nature has also led to the recognition of Regional "Wildlife Park for water" in the larger lake is possible to observe in their natural context many varieties of birds in the winter months they stop returning from the cold regions of the Arctic Circle, and is unique to note that animals do not have a special fear of human and indeed can be seen flying over by large groups of geese and ducks undisturbed move for the river in search of fish. Along the banks of the river and then the incredible and lush native vegetation exists has created real wooded wetlands and hydric through small and hidden nature trails exist, you can, with a little 'luck, meet at a distance close many of the species existing in the oasis;
Sport and leisure
Guests have access to tennis, mountain biking and archery, there is also a playground for children in the valley, on request organize horse riding.

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