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  • Enter a spectacular site ...

The estate covers 320 hectares of pasture, woodland, fields of wheat, corn, as well as numerous lakes and an area used as a "Reserve for sport fishing".

The estate Torcino, is at the center of a natural amphitheater formed by the surrounding hills, on the edge of the Park of Matese and Oasis "The Mortine" Torcino is an oasis of peace where nature still has the upper hand on the man.

The estate is traversed throughout its length by a beautiful stream that originates from a source located in the heart of the company at the foot of the mountains. In the creek, which have never been deliberately made human intervention, has developed a unique ecosystem and that is why visiting him from the shore or by boat rowing is possible to observe wild animals in their natural environment, walk immersed in nature losing track of time;

The real estate Torcino in that Venafro, was bought by Charles III ... It penetrates the seal for a magnificent bridge, called Royal Bridge, built by King cennato ... The forest is full of wild boars of the most beautiful species of caprii, hares, foxes, wolves and many birds ... the caprio of Torcino is the most beautiful race and the meat is exquisite ... I Torcino boars are perhaps the most beautiful race in Italy. Gray fur, large fangs, fierce instinct ... The wolf is very common in Torcino, especially in winter. He hides in the strongest preference Selvone.

Immersed in the green and adjacent to a beautiful stretch of acqia is the structure used as a secretariat of the estate.

Beautiful villa overlooking the tightness of the Patron Torcino.

Local legend has it that the name of this lovely home is due to the "fertility" of the settlers who lived there after the war.

It is an old building once used as tobacco totally renovated.

The source of water is a wonderful glimpse into the woods where mode only natural flow 400 cubic meters of water per second. Currently, the water is conveyed through a channel in the birthing tubs fishing lakes and transferred to nearby farms for irrigation.

Swan Lake is a reservoir of fishing with over 25 acres of lakes particularly suitable for those who want to sport fishing as a moment of relaxation and leisure, to be carried out in harmony with the surrounding environment, in the silence of nature in a context nature of exceptional beauty.

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